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Fight together against virus! FDSP return to work orderly


Fight together against virus! FDSP return to work orderly

Fight together against virus! FDSP return to work orderly


In 2020, we've had a long and painful Spring Festival holiday, the situation of Novel coronavirus pneumonia caused by the new corona virus is quite serious, but isolating the virus cannot also isolating love and our confidence to create a better life and a brighter future.

on February 11th, On the premise and basis of adequate safety protection, FDSP has returned to our work officially! We will make our efforts to win the war against the virus, to achieve a stable and healthy economic development!

FDSP actively responds to the government's call, complies with the requirements and standards for the national enterprise to resume work. In order to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic and ensure the safety of all staff, the company immediately sets up the working group for the epidemic prevention and control, every member has their own duty under the unified command over the prevention, control and management of the epidemic, so as to ensure the health and safety of employees and their families.

First, we will strengthen epidemic surveillance and identify potential dangers

Personnel with the following conditions are not allowed to enter the factory:

1. Employees who have been to wuhan and other restricted areas in hubei province during the Spring Festival holiday;

2. Employees who have close contact with returnees from hubei and wuhan;

3. Employees who have had contact with confirmed or suspected cases;

4. Employees with fever, cough, fatigue and other symptoms;

5. Employees who return from other city and fail to meet the 14-day isolation requirement.

Second, we will strengthen the travel management and enter and exit factory inspection

1. Staff must wear standard masks when entering or leaving the factory. Surgical masks are recommended as the first choice;

2. Stand in line with an interval of more than 1m when entering the factory, cooperate with the epidemic prevention team to take the temperature, and the temperature higher than 37.3 degrees is not allowed to enter the company

3. Encourage employees to drive and ride to work, reduce the use of public transportation to reduce the risk of infection.

4. People not belong to company are not allowed to enter the company. If they really need to enter the company, they should report to the administration department for handling.

Third, Strengthen comprehensive prevention in the workplace

1. In addition to drinking water and dining, employees must wear masks during other activities. They are not allowed to remove masks without permission or wear them not as required;

2. During working hours, it is prohibited to cluster together and need to  keep a safe distance;

3. Before entering and leaving the office and after passing around the documents, wash your hands frequently during rest time, ventilate the office frequently and keep the environment clean and ventilated for 20-30 minutes each time;

4. During the epidemic prevention period, air conditioners (including central air conditioners) are strictly prohibited in the office. Please keep warm and guard against colds.

5. After work, the discarded masks shall be placed in the designated special place of the company;

Fourth, Strengthen the plant disinfection control measures

1. Personal protection should be worn before disinfection operation: protective mask and disposable gloves

2. Office public areas (stairs, corridors, changing rooms, washing room, toilets) shall be disinfected before and after work every day.

3. The disinfection frequency of the guard room is 3 times per day (morning, noon and after work).

At present, FDSP production and operation has returned to normal. We can provide all available service for our customer. 1. Project construction consultation; 2. Process design guidance; 3. Online technical support; 4. 7*24 service hotline.

The epidemic is the command, the prevention and control is the responsibility. Thanks to all the major partners'  support to FDSP as always, we got united, to fight "epidemic" in front of the epidemic, we will overcome the difficulties together!



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