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FDSP Shares supplying the whole industrial chain of green recycling services, to help the sustainable development of global ecological economy


In order to solve the problems of global warming, deterioration of natural environment and shortage of energy supply, it has become an urgent task for the world to develop a sustainable model and find new energy to replace old energy.

A kind of "zero-carbon" biomass energy has quietly played an important role in the development of clean energy, green economy and ecological civilization. Many countries around the world have listed the development and utilization of renewable energy into the key projects of ecological and sustainable economic development.


Source: Visual China

As the most widely existed substance in the world, biomass covers all kinds of organisms such as animals, plants and microorganisms. It is mainly from agricultural and forestry production process straw, trees and other agricultural and forestry wastes, domestic sewage, industrial organic wastes, animal husbandry and livestock manure pollution and other substances. It is the fourth largest energy after coal, oil and natural gas.


Source: Visual China

At present, all countries in the world have included the development and utilization of clean energy represented by biomass into an important energy strategy, among which developed countries such as Europe and America are developing rapidly. In the future, the proportion of biomass energy in the global total energy is increasing, and the global biomass energy industry is developing rapidly towards the direction of diversified utilization and high added value.


FDSP Shares supplying green cycle whole industrial chain services

As an advocate of green organic ecological agriculture, Liangyou Shares has formed the whole industrial chain of green cycle services covering energy feed, biomass energy, biological organic fertilizer, biological fermentation, organic solid waste treatment and reuse.

Feed Machinery and Engineering:


providing customers with the overall solution of "clean producing and safe feed". The agricultural and animal husbandry planting grass, corn, rice, soybeans and other crop raw materials are processed by feed processing technology to produce scientific and nutritious animal energy feed, so as to provide a variety of safe food such as aquaculture and aquatic products for the society and realize one-stop service "from the farm to the table".

Biomass machinery and engineering:


Using forestry and agricultural raw materials such as trees, wood chips, bark, branches, crop stalks and so on, it can produce biomass pellet fuel with "high yield and low energy consumption".It raises the thermal efficiency of traditional fuel from less than 40% to over 90%. It saves energy and reduces emissions while helping the construction of sustainable ecological environment.

Fertilizer Machinery and Engineering:


By using of crop waste, organic solid waste, animal feces, urban kitchen items, etc., and through the harmless treatment of organic fertilizer equipment, it produces efficient "organic matter, pollution-free" biological fertilizer.It can change the waste into treasure, improve the soil environment, and promote the circular development of healthy organic agriculture.

Silo Storage Machinery and Engineering:


It is Applicable to food, feed, oil, flour, brewing, building materials, chemical, port environmental protection and other industrial fields. It can solve the high labor intensity, occupying a large area, high cost, hard storage and transportation, the problems of hard  control for temperature and humidity to achieve "large capacity, automation, intelligent" storage and transportation.

Looking forward to the domestic and international renewable energy field, FDSP Shares takes the lead in the research and development of a number of high-quality and high-performance products. It is widely used in various countries and regions around the world. Relying on the core advantages of "efficient, intelligent, environmental protection", FDSP creates green recycling renewable energy system engineering for customers.

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