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SWLP Series Trace Element Batching System

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Descriptive features:
■ Accurate weighing and measurement
The small-pitch batching auger adopts frequency conversion control to realize fast and slow feeding with higher precision;
The discharge port is equipped with a sealing cylinder to prevent the material from affecting the batching accuracy due to inertial flow;
Toledo sensor has high accuracy, good stability and long service life.
■ Low residue, no pollution
The batching auger is made of stainless steel seamless pipe, the gap between the spiral blade and the shell is less than 1mm, and the residual amount is extremely low;
The standard air hammer enables the material with poor fluidity in the storage container to be completely emptied, thereby reducing the risk of contamination;
The auger shaft of the feeding auger can be drawn out for cleaning, effectively avoiding cross-contamination of materials.
■ Made of stainless steel, clean, sanitary and corrosion-resistant
Up to 20 trace element bins can be configured, and the bin body and feeding auger are all made of stainless steel, which is safe and sanitary.
■ Intelligent features to achieve higher operational flexibility and productivity
It can adapt to different material characteristics, can be used for the batching of powder and granular materials, and has high processing flexibility.



Maximum configurable positions: 20 positions
Spiral blade: 3/SUS304
Screw dragon barrel: 3/SUS304
Cylinder: FESTO
Solenoid valve: Airtac
Geared motor: Zhejiang Dongli or Liangyou customized brand
Auger Bearing: INA
Toledo sensor

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