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1-2T/H extruded maize or 3-4T/H extruded soybean production line

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing feed machinery and engineering, we can offer customer complete machine solutions for livestock feed(pig and others) , poultry feed(chicken, duck, goose and others), ruminant feed(cattle, sheep and others), normal aqua feed(four major Chinese carps), special aqua feed(shrimp, crab and others), extruding aqua feed(floating and sinking fish feed, shrimp and others), premix feed(including various additives), pet food(cat food, dog food and others), we can meet customers' kinds of needs.

The following introduction and instructions are based on 1-2T/H extruded maize or 3-4T/H extruded soybean production line.

Definition of “Extruded soybean/maize”:

Expanded soybean is kind of material for feed through extrusion which retains the nutrition of soybean itself, while removes the anti-nutrition factor of soybean, it is a good substitute material for protein source and be with rich oil fragrance, high nutritional value, good palatability. It has good feeding effect on broilers, layers, piglets and aquatic animals. Especially for piglet feed, it can replace soybean meal, fish meal to prevent piglet diarrhea, improve palatability, improve piglet growth rate.

Expanded corn, also known as expanded corn meal, refers to the starch gelatinization process of corn under the function of water, heat, mechanical shear, friction, rubbing and pressure difference. High attractive and healthy expanded corn has strong popcorn flavor and good palatability, strong attractivity, and can increased food intake. High digestibility and low degree of fermentation in large intestine has higher protection rate against diarrhea of piglets.

Raw materials:

Raw material extrusion mainly are soybean and maize, other feed raw material also can be processed.

Brief introduction for flow process:

raw material extrusion has high requirements for curing and conditioning, it could improve the palatability and increase nutrition of feed after adding extruded material into feed formula with certain proportion, it can also effectively improve the breeding efficiency, reduce the breeding cost and increase economic benefits. This line can be used to produce 1-2T/H expanded corn or 3-4T/H expanded soybean. One crushing line, one extruding line and one packing line are adopted. The total power of the equipment is about 352KW.The construction area of the production area is about 11x10.5x18.5m (height);Matching with 0.5T boiler. The whole line is characterized by compact design and reasonable structure, and the satisfaction of environment protection requirements, meanwhile it can be directed to customers design.

1-2T/H extruded maize or 3-4T/H extruded soybean production line

Technological characteristics and introductions:

  • RM receiving and cleaning process: In this process, we set a dumping hopper with one individual dust collection with the better effects.

    Cleaner: granules cleaner SCY63, output 5-15t/h.

  • Fine grinding process: one hammer mill with two pre-grinding bin are adopt in this process. The impurities will be removed from raw material by magnetic separation equipment before going into grinding bins to ensure the safe running of hammer mill.  

    Grinding equipment: hammer mill SFSP668×800, 110KW, output 4-5t/h(soybean grinding with ¢2.0mm screen)

  • Extruding process: One single screw steam raw material extruder will be used in this process, there is a pre-extruding bin above the extruder, the bin is round and equipped with dis feeder to prevent material arch and could discharge smoothly.

    Extruder: SPHS200, 1.5+5.5+132+3KW, designed output: capacity for extruded maize meal: 1.5-2t/h, capacity for extruded soybean meal: 3.5-4t/h

  • packing machine: quick single hopper granule scale special for extruded material, packing range 20-25kg/bag, 4-6bags/min

  • auxiliary process: dust collection system, the dust collection on packing position can improve the work condition.

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