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YBDQ Series Pneumatic Gravity Diverter

YBDQ three-way discharger is mainly used for the reversal of bulk materials in feed, food, food, oleo chemical and other processing industries when flowing in pipelines. It is an indispensable equipment for automatic control of production process.


■ Pneumatic control

■ Small size, flexible and reliable, flexible process layout and beautiful appearance;

■ Reasonable structure, simple installation and operation;

■ Good sealing;

■ Customizable 30° and 45° slide angles;

■ The area of the slide tube is from 0.0114 to 0.1963 m2.



Effective working areamm2

Work pressureMPa

Through trafficm3/h














Device Configuration:

Import and export flange round, flange size: ¢219/250/273

Housing: -3/Q235

Baffle: 4/Q235 covered 5mm polymer board 2mm silica gel board

Cylinder: Delixi (with magnetic switch)

Cylinder bore: 40mm

Solenoid valve: Yadeke


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