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TWLG Series Tube Screw Feeder For Premix

Applicable for horizontal conveying of granular or powdery materials such as grain, oil, feed, or inclined conveying close to horizontal (inclination angle ≤20°), mainly used for ingredients in feed plants.

■ The cylinder structure is a circular closed structure with better sealing;

■ Circular charge port , with observation windows on both sides;

■ Double-sealed structure at the shaft end to prevent dust leakage;

■ Manual gate can be added at the charging end for later maintenance and repair;

■ Cleaning operation door is equipped at discharged end;

■ The assembled closed cover is equipped at the tail for easy maintenance;

■ With cold drawn blades, the pitch is more uniform and the blade is more wear-resistant;

■ Suitable for horizontal or inclined conveying;

■ Small volume, high rotating speed, uniform feeding, good accuracy, low residue;

■Blades are arranged in equal diameter and variable distance to ensure the overall discharge of materials in the warehouse;



Model Parameter  TWLG   16 TWLG   20 TWLG   25 TWLG   32
Dia. Of screw (mm) 160 200 250 320
Capacity (m³/h) 8~10 18-20 40-45 88-95
Power Calculated based on length and capacity Calculated based on length and capacity Calculated based on length and capacity Calculated based on length and capacity



Shell: -3/Q235;

Blade: -4/Q235Cold drawing;                    

Section of cylinder: Circular tube;                        

Gear reducer: Zhejiang TUNG LEE or Brand customized by FDSP


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