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TDTG(z) Series Self Cleaning Bucket Elevator

It can be used for the vertical transportation of pellets, powder and bulk materials. It is widely used in feed mill plants, food plants, chemical plants, construction materials, grain storage and ports.

■ reasonable design, less residue

boots with self-cleaning structure design, low residue of material can be realized by adjusting

■ reliable operation

widely considering of safe operation and wear-resistant measures can significantly guarantee the reliable operation of equipment and less downtime.

■ simple structure, easy to clean, easy to maintain

unique design of the cleaning door can be completely cleaned to achieve the effect of no residue.

■ head wheel covered with rubber, enhance the traction.

■ tail wheel is specially designed to prevent deviation and skid effectively.

■ dismountable head cover, easy to install and maintain.

■ multiple seals to prevent material leakage, with explosion-proof port to effectively prevent dust explosion.

■ speed detection device and deviation prevention alarm device can be selected according to user requirements to ensure safe production.

■ strong construction and high anti-wear components make maintenance easy and extend service life.



Technical parametermodel Head wheel dia (mm) Transportation volume(m³/h) Max. power(KW) Max. lifting height(m) power(KW)
TDTG(z)40/13 400 5~10 3 40 calculated by length and capacity
TDTG(z)40/18 400 10~16 4 40
TDTG(z)40/23 400 15~25 5.5 40
TDTG(z)40/28 400 20~35 7.5 40
TDTG(z)50/23 500 20~35 15 45
TDTG(z)50/28 500 35~65 22 45
TDTG(z)60/30 600 50~120 37 45
TDTG(z)60/33 600 90~200 55 45



Self-clean type basement with big opening structure

Thickness of head wheel rubber:40series 10mm、50 and 60 series23.5mm

Tube -1.8/Q235 Cold rolled sheet forming

Tube welded flange:40series

6mm/Q235;50 series  and 60 series 8mm/Q235

Head and tail plate:-4/Q235

Belt material :PVC/high strength EP(used when temperature lower than-20℃ )

Belt width 200/250/300/350

bucket:high density polyethylene

anti-reverse device

top pressure releasing

speed detector(optional)

Belt deviation detection device(optional)

 Bearing: Wafangdian bearing general factory

Bearing base:LK

gear reducing motor: FDSP customized


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