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Support tower

It is mainly used in silo engineering to fix the elevator with the support tower, and at the same time to overhaul the elevator through the ladder and rest platform on the support tower.

Description features:

 Assembly type, improve site installation efficiency, ensure the vertical and horizontal of the support tower;

 Each floor is equipped with climbing ladder and rest platform, and the top is equipped with maintenance platform;

 After all components are finished, they are treated with hot dip zinc;

 All pedal platforms are made of galvanized steel grid plate, which ensures safety and quick inspection and maintenance of personnel;

 Site and foundation embedded parts are just connected to improve the wind resistance of the frame;







Height scope




Height for each floor(m)




Wind resistance ability(km/h)





 Column material: Angle steel 100*100*8/ Angle steel 75*75*7;

Horizontal support material: Angle steel 75*75*7/ Angle steel 63*63*6;

 Inclined support material: Angle steel 63*63*6/ Angle steel 50*50*5;

 Connection plate thickness: 6mm~10mm;

■ Fastener: M16 grade 8.8 galvanized high strength bolt fastener;


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