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SKJZ1800 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd. is professional in manufacturing feed machinery and projects. Our company is able to provide turn-key projects for all kinds of feed production like poultry feed, livestock feed, ruminant feed, ordinary aquatic feed, special aquatic feed, extruded aquatic feed, premix, pet food, etc.

Definition of ‘feed set’:

Feed set is short for manual feeding small feed production set, of which the capacity is usually less than 5 tons per hour. It takes modular design to make it easier to load, ship and install. Also, this feed set can save budget and get repaid more quickly. In this modular structure, feed set takes up less area, need lower requirements for workshop, and costs less for basement investment. Also, buyers can customize according to their specific needs. Feed set is particularly suitable for small feed plants or farms.

Brief introduction of processing flow:

SKJZ1800 feed set takes manual way of adding raw materials. It’s designed capacity is 1.5-2T/H for powder feed and 0.8-1T/H for pellet feed. During the processing, raw materials will be pre-cleaned and pre-weighed by hand. If the materials need grinding, they will be put into the hammer mill directly by lot. During the grinding process, workers feed the hammer mill by hand. After grinding, the grinded materials and other materials will be put together into the production line according to the formula to be mixed. The materials having been mixed can either be sent directly into product bin as powder feed or be sent into pelletizing process to be pelletized and cooled to be pellet feed, which need manual scaling and packing.

The total power of this feed set is about 75kw, taking an area of 10*5.5*7m, equipped with 0.2T boiler. The whole feed set takes joint frame that is in tight design, reasonable structure and is eco-friendly. Also, the feed set can be specially designed according to buyers needs.

SKJZ1800 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Raw material receiving and grinding  proces——Mixing process——Pelletizing and  cooling process——Aauxiliary Process



Introduction of technical features and processes

  • Raw material receiving and grinding process:

       Taking integrated hammer mill, manual feeding, centrifugal output by cyclone, this technique is both easy and low-cost, suitable for multiple raw material grinding of small capacity.

       Grinding machine: SFSP50, 18.5KW, designed capacity 1.5-2T/H.

  • Mixing process: Above the mixer, there is a bin for mixing that can make the production continuous. Materials having been mixed can be sent to bin for pelletizing or product bin, which satisfied the production need of both powder feed and pellet feed.

        Mixing machine: Double shaft paddle mixer FHSJ0.5, 5.5KW, 250KG/LOT, designed capacity 1.5-2T/H.

  • Pelletizing process: taking a pellet with a single conditioner, it is suitable for producing ordinary poultry feed and ruminant feed; after being pelletized, the feed will be sent by elevator directly into cooling sieve and be packed manually.

         Pelletizing machine: Pellet Mill SZLH25, 15KW, designed capacity 0.8-1T/H(¢3.5 ordinary chicken feed formula)

  • Cooling machine: Counter flow cooling sieve SNSZ120, designed capacity 1-2T/H.

  • Auxiliary Process: equipped with liquid adding system, oil can be added in mixer to improve the palatability of feed; equipped with air compressor, which provide compressed air for pneumatic parts of the production line.


The main equipment section
NumberDescription and typeQtyPicture

Hammer Mill SFSP50  1              

It is widely used for grinding for maize, grain sorghum, rice bran, rice straw, vine, maize straw, sorghum stalk, beanstalk, wheat straw etc;

Belt conveying,compact structure, easy operation, rotor passes accurate dynamic balancing test, less vibration during running;

It is with aspiration system, easy to operate;

It is suitable for rice factory, flour factory, feed factory and so on. with drive 15kw

1SKJZ1800 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Double Shaft Mixer SHSJ.0.5


effective volume0.5 m3

mixing capacity250 kg/batch

mixing time30-120 s

housing wall plate-10/Q235

gear reducing motor: FDSP customized brand

1SKJZ1800 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Pelleting Bin 1m3

3mm/Q235 fabricated


SKJZ1800 Livestock And Poultry Small Feed Plant

Screw Feeder 0.55KW(for SZLH25)  Power:0.55kw

3mm stainless steel fabricated, FC control

driving type:reducer direct connection driving

rotation speed:20-120rpm variable frequency speed adjustable


screw blade:-4/SUS304


Conditioner(for SZLH25)


rotation speed:175 rpm

 steam pressure:≤1MPa


Pellet Mill SZLH25   Power:22kw

capacity:0.5-1.5T/H(¢3.5 1:10 normal broiler feed formula)

Ring die inner diameter:250mm                  

Working surface width of ring die:70mm

motor rotation speed:1460 rpm                

process to ensure the stable driving and low noisy of gear

screw feeder, conditioner, feeding chute all made by stainless stee




According to individual needs of different buyers, the solution can be optimized:

1. There need to be an air compressor system for valve, discharging gate, etc. Those pneumatic parts can be changed into electric valve and electric discharging gate in order to save the investment of air compressor system.

2. Give the low capacity; the feed set isn’t equipped with raw material cleaning system and take manual pre-cleaning instead. If buyers need, the raw material cleaning system can be added.

3. In the set, there are product bins for both powder feed and pellet feed. If the powder product isn’t expected, the product bin for powder can be cancelled.



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We provide quotations, solutions and products based on the information you fill in, please fill in your needs and project description in detail
We'll get back to you in 1 business days. Whatsapp:8613961106628