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Feed Grading Mahcine SFJH80×2C Rotary Screener

It is suitable for the screening and grading of powdery materials or pellets in feed mills. It can also be used for the primary cleaning of raw materials in feed mills and the grading of intermediate products after secondary pulverization of large and medium-sized feed mills. In addition, it can be widely used in the screening and grading of raw materials and finished products in various industries such as grain, food, chemical, sugar, mining, and paper.


New transmission box structure, using imported thickened NSK bearings;

The screen boat drive adopts belt drive, which is balanced and low in noise. The pulley is assembled and easy to assemble and disassemble.

The rear support is optionally equipped with elastic support, which greatly extends the service life of the equipment and supports.

The angle of inclination is large, the screening speed is fast, the classification is thorough, and the sieving effect is good.

Split screen cover and screen frame (130 or more models) for easy access and replacement of consumable parts.

The computer can automatically control the feeding and discharging, which can be unattended.

Combined or split screen frame structure, it is more convenient and quick to change screens;

The base is raised for easy access and cleaning

The screen structure is firm and the screen change is fast

Customizing one layer, two layers and three layers of screen structure,according to customer needs.

The internal flow line of the discharge port is designed to prevent material from depositing and avoid cross contamination.






Feed Grading Mahcine SFJH80×2C  Rotary Screener


Feed Grading Mahcine SFJH80×2C  Rotary Screener

Model Screen Surface SizeMm No. Of Screen Layers Screen Surface Dip Angle Turning Radius mm Eccentric Shaft Speedrpm
Length Width        
Upper Lower Middle        
SFJH80×1C 1800     795 1 30 278
SFJH80×2C 1800 1800   795 2 30 278
SFJH80×3C 1800 1600 1600 795 3 30 278
SFJH110×1C 2300     1095 11 30 278
SFJH110×2C 2200 2200   1095 2 30 278
SFJH110×3C 2200 2000 2000 1095 3 30 278
SFJH130×1C 2400     1295 1 30 278
SFJH130×2C 2400 2400   1295 2 30 278
SFJH130×3C 2400 2100 2100 1295 3 30 278
SFJH140×1C 3100     1395 1 45 222
SFJH140×2C 2800 2800   1395 2 45 222
SFJH140×3C 2800 2600 2600 1395 3 45 222
SFJH150×1C 3000     1495 1 45 222
SFJH150×2C 3000 3000   1495 2 45 222
SFJH150×3C 3000 2630 2630 1495 3 45 222
SFJH165×1C 3000     1645 1 45 208
SFJH165×2C 3000 3000   1645 2 45 208
SFJH165×3C 3000 2800 2800 1645 3 45 208



Characteristic :

Sieve Boat Housing: -3/Q235 (165 Model Is 4mm)

Sieve Boat Cover: -2/Q235

Bearing: NSK

Optional Elastic Support For Sfjh165 Models: ROSTA

Motor: Wannan / Siemens Motor (China)


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