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livestock and poultry feed+extruding aqua feed+shrimp and crab feed production

livestock and poultry feed+extruding aqua feed+shrimp and crab feed production l

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing feed machinery and engineering, we can offer customer complete machine solutions for livestock feed(pig and others) , poultry feed(chicken, duck, goose and others), ruminant feed(cattle, sheep and others), normal aqua feed(four major Chinese carps), special aqua feed(shrimp, crab and others),  extruding aqua feed(floating and sinking fish feed, shrimp and others), premix feed(including various additives), pet food(cat food, dog food and others), we can meet customers' kinds of needs.

Now we take the case of 2×SZLH420 livestock and poultry feed(Ruminant feed)+SPHS130×2 extruding aqua feed+SZLH420X shrimp and crab feed production line, make introduction based on process diagram and each process as follows:


2×SZLH420 livestock and poultry feed(Ruminant feed) SPHS130×2 extruding aqua feed SZLH420X shrimp and crab feed production line


Flow process introduction

This project mainly produces livestock and poultry feed, ruminant feed, extruding aqua feed, shrimp and crab feed, it is a comprehensive feed production line, the capacity for livestock and poultry feed or ruminant feed is 20t/h, extruding aqua feed is 3-5t/h, shrimp and crab pellet feed is 1.5-2.5 t/h. Its technological process is as follows: 2x2000T raw material silos, 3 manual intake, 3 crushing lines, 3 batching and mixing lines (livestock and poultry feed,  ruminant feed are independent batching system, while extruded feed and shrimp and crab feed share one batching system), and two sets 420 pelleting lines (can meet the requirements of livestock and poultry feed and ruminant production at the same time; With two sets of the packing system and bulk system), two pulverizing line, two secondary mixing line (extruding feed, shrimp and crab feed use independent batching system), an extruding line (equipped with drying ,coating, cooling and packing system), a shrimp and crab feed granulating line (equipped with stabilizer, vertical dryer, cooler, packing and seedling shrimp feed crumbling system).The total power of the equipment is about 2250KW;The production area is about 30.5*25*31m, with 4T boiler. The whole line has a compact design, reasonable structure, and meets the environmental requirements,  meanwhile it can be directed to customers design.

Technological process chart:

silo process  livestock and poultry feed pelleting process

RM receiving and cleaning process -- RM receiving and cleaning process--grinding process--batching and mixing process--ruminant feed pelleting process--cooling, packing and bulk process-- Auxiliary process-- extruding and drying process--coating, cooling and packing process

pulverizing process-secondary mixing process

shrimp and crab feed pelleting process-packing process-- shrimp and crab feed crumbling process-- Auxiliary process


Technological characteristics and introductions:

The kinds of feed produced by this project has different requirement for the grinding fineness, maturation degree of raw materials. To avoid cross contamination and reduce the general cost for equipment and workshop, we design the four production line within one same workshop, share as much of the process as possible, make the part independent which cannot be shared. The detailed process and configuration is as follows:

Silo process: 

The silo capacity and quantity is determined by customer's storage period or material  cycle, this process make 2 maize steel silo(spiral silo) with 2000T per silo, assembly silo is also optional according to customer requirements, all exposed parts of silo will make galvanized processing, concrete support (if the silo is less than 1000 tons, steel structure support can be considered).The silo is equipped with level indicator, temperature measurement and ventilation system, which can monitor the situation of materials inside the silo in real time and effectively control the grain condition.

RM receiving and cleaning process:

In this process, the clean system for granule receiving and cleaning is separated from powder receiving and cleaning, dust collection are individual which is with the better effects.

cleaner: granule precleaner SCY100, output 30-50t/h, powder cleaner SQLZ90×80×110, output 30-50t/h.

Grinding process:

3set of hammer mill is adopt in this process, 2 of them used for poultry and ruminant feed grinding, 1 is special used for shrimp, crab and extruding feed grinding. 2 grindings bins are equipped for each hammer mill which can crush different raw material at same time; it will improve the production efficiency. the impurities could be removed from raw material by magnetic separation equipment before grinding bins to ensure the safe running of hammer mill.

Grinding equipment(3sets): hammer mill SFSP668*800,110KW,output 10-15t/h

First-time batching and mixing process: 

In this process, we use 42pcs batching bins, 8 of the bins are sharing bin, use 3set of batching and mixing system, livestock and poultry feed,  ruminant feed are independent batching system, while extruded feed and shrimp and crab feed share one batching system. every batching system has two batching scale work at same time which is controlled by FDSP developed independently batching program, achieve accurate quick and slow feeding, quick batching and with high accuracy.

Weighing equipment: batching scale PCS20(3sets) /PCS10(2sets)/ PCS05 (1set), weighing accuracy: dynamic≤3‰, static≤1‰. Mixing equipment: mixer SHSJ4(2sets), (30KW,2000kg/batch), designed output 20-30t/h/set,  SHSJ2(1set), 18.5KW,1000kg/batch, output 10-15t/h. homogeneity CV≤5%.

poultry, ruminate feed granulation process: 

double conditioner is used in this process special for livestock& poultry and ruminate feed production. Two pellet bins are equipped for every pellet mill which will be easy to change the formula. After granulation, the pellets enter into the cooler, crumbler, bucket elevator and then go to screening by rotary screener. The finished products go to the packing bins, and the screened powder go back to the pellet mill, oversized pellets return to the crumbler.

Granulation equipment(2sets): :SZLH420(110KW),output 10-12T/H/set. Cooling equipment(2sets):SKLN6,output 10-15T/H/set.

Livestock and poultry feed, ruminate feed packing process: 

There are 4 FPbins in this process, 2 of them only used for pellet finished products storage, other 2 bins can store both mesh feed and pellet feed. There is special anti-grading device for mesh feed bins. The pellet feed and mesh feed will be weighed and packed finally by packing scale.

Packing equipment: belt packing scale(both for mesh feed and pellet feed), weighing rage 20-50kg/bag, 6-8bags /min. We can also design automatic stacking system for customer's need.

Pulverizing process: 

we adopt 2 pulverizer in this process to make second grinding for extruding line and shrimp crab feed line. Pneumatic type discharging, cylone, pulse filter are used, the particle size after grinding can be adjust according to customers' needs.

Pulverizing equipment(2sets): SWFL130,160+15+2.2KW. Output 3-6t/h/set

Secondary mixing process:

two independent batching system are designed for extruding line and  shrimp crab feed line with 4 batching bin, two mixer and extra manual adding hopper including checking scale.

Secondary mixing equipment: mixer SHSJ2(2sets), 18.5KW,1000kg/batch, output 3-6t/h/set, homogeneity CV≤5%.

Extruding process: 

one set of twin-screw extruder are used in this process, the material will be transported to Horizontal circulation dryer to reduce the moisture after being extruded, finally transported to next process.

extruding equipment: :SPHS130x2,185+4+4+15+1.5+2.2KW, capacity 3-6T/H(hole size 1.0-16.0mm), drying equipment: SHGW240×2-8,1.1*2+7.5*12+0.75+0.75KW, capacity:4-6T/H

Coating and packing process:

In this process, we set oil coating for the surface of extruded pellets by hot spraying process then go through the cooling process, this can make the oil permeate into the pellets which make the quality better. The pellets will be packed or to be bulk after cooling.

Drum coater: SYPG1000,2.2KW, output 4-6t/h

Cooler: SKLB4, 1.1+1.5KW, volume 4m3, output 3-7t/h

packing machine: quick single hopper pellet scale for extruding feed, packing range 20-50kg/bag, 6-8bag/min

Shrimp and crab feed granulation process: 

This process adopts one belt driven shrimp specialized pellet mill, which is equipped with double shaft differential conditioner + retainer + jacket conditioner, effectively ensuring the pre-curing of granulation, two pellet bins are equipped above the pellet mill. The finished product after granulation is put into the stabilizer for post-curing treatment to improve the stability of feed in water. In order to solve the problem that the moisture of large crab feed is easy to exceed the standard level, this project specially added the drying process, the pellets from the stabilizer first enter the vertical dryer to remove the excess moisture, then enter the cooler to be cooled, and finally lift into the rotary screener for screening, the finished products go into the packing bins

Pellet mill:. SZLH420X,55×2KW, output for shrimp feed 1.5-2.5/H. Stabilizer SWDB4,1.1+1.5KW, Vertical dryer SHGL4,1.1+1.5KW, Cooler SKLB4,1.1+1.5KW, volume 4m3 output 4-5T/H.

Packing process: rotary screener is added under the two FP bins which can reduce the powder among the pellets before packing scale. pellet packing scale is adopt.

packing equipment: quick pellet packing scale, range 20-50kg/bag, 4-6bag/min.

Shrimp and crab feed crumbling process: the purpose of this process is to produce seedling shrimp and crab feed, the large pellets will go to crumbler first then screened different size final products by double high plan sifter according to the different need of each stage of seedling shrimp and crab.

Auxiliary process: dust collection system, the dust collection on packing position can improve the work condition, the oil adding system is usually seen in the mixer adding system which can improve the feed palatability, molasses adding used for ruminate animal, it can use manual adding hopper, molasses adding system could adopt for 3% addition.


The process can be optimized according to different customer needs:

1. Single point dust collection mode is used in the plan which means pulse filter is equipped for every rotary distributor(mesh) and granule cleaner with good effect. Single point dust collection is kind of humanized design of our company, to provide a better working environment, but the cost increases, customers can consider whether it is needed in actual situation;

2. The quantity of bins can be adjusted to achieve the beast use ratio and effectively control the production cost based on factors such as customers' formula, characteristics of raw materials.

3. The crumbler after cooler is optional, especially when producing poultry feed and young poultry feed, the crumbler could break the large pellet into small pellets to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.

4.the vertical dryer in shrimp and crab feed granulation process can be selected according to need, there is no need to consider it if no large crab pellet production.




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