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40TPH livestock & poultry feed mill plant with four sets SZLH420 pellet mill

Poultry & livestock feed is generally refers to the food for farmed poultry and livestock , it is the conventional feed in the feed classification.

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of feed machinery and engineering, can provide customers with complete sets of equipment solutions for livestock feed (pig, etc.), poultry feed (chicken, duck, goose,etc.), ruminant feed (cattle, sheep, etc.), common aquatic feed (four major Chinese carps, etc.), special aquatic feed (shrimp, crab, etc.), extruded aquatic feed (floating and sink fish feed, shrimp feed, etc.), premix feed (including all kinds of additives, etc.), and pet food(cat food, dog food, etc.). to meet the different needs of customers.

Now take the four-line SZLH420(20tph) poultry and livestock feed production line as a case, according to the process flow and each section to do the following introduction and description.


40TPH livestock

Raw material:

The conventional raw material of poultry& livestock feed includes corn, wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, soybeans, soybean meal, fish meal, amino acids, mixed meals, whey powder, oil, meat and bone meal, grain, feed additives and so on more than 10 varieties of feed raw materials.

Introduction of process:

The features of poultry & livestock feed are moderate grinding fineness(screen hole diameter 2-4mm),moderate curing and conditioning requirements(pellet mill adopts two layers conditioners),finished products with big pellet diameter(pellet diameter is around 2.5-4mm). Four lines of SZLH420 poultry & livestock feed process is with 40tph capacity, it adopts three grinding lines, two batching & mixing lines, four pelleting lines and four packing lines. The total equipment power is around 1400kw. The construction area of the production area is about 24.5×22.5×35m, it equipped with 3T boiler. The whole line is compact in design, reasonable in structure, meeting the requirement of environmental protection, and can be customized designed according to the requirements of customers.

Process diagram:

Raw materials receiving and cleaning section——grinding section ——batching & mixing section——pelleting section——packing section/in bulk ——auxiliary section

Process introduction:

Raw materials receiving and cleaning section:

In this section, pellet feeding cleaning and powder feeding cleaning are separated independently and separate dust removal. Dust removal effect is good.

Cleaning equipment:granules sifter SCY100,capacity 30-50T/H;powder cleaner SQLZ90X80X110, capacity 30-50T/H.

Grinding section: 

This section adopts three hammer mills, and each set allocated with two pre-grinding bins, which can grind different materials at the same time and improve the efficiency. Before entering the bins, the impurities are removed by magnetic separation device to ensure the safe operation of the hammer mill.

Grinding equipment(3sets): Hammer mill SFSP668×1000, 132kw, designed to produce 15-18t /h/set(¢3.0mm screen hole).

Batching and mixing section: 

This section adopts 36 batching bins, 4 of them are shared.There are 2 sets of batching and mixing systems. Each set of batching system is allocated with 2 sets batching scales which can work at the same time. It is developed by our company to realize accurate fast and slow feeding, fast batching and high precision.

Weighing equipment: Dosing scale PCS20/PCS10, dosing precision: dynamic ≤3‰, static ≤1‰.

Mixing equipment(2sets): mixer SHSJ4, (30KW, 2000kg/ batch), designed to produce 20-30t/h/set. Mixture uniformity CV ≤5%

Pelletizing section:
This section adopts four sets of double-layer conditioner pelletizer, and each set with two pre-pelleting bins, which is convenient to switch between varieties. After pelleting, they are respectively entered into the cooler, crumbler, and the elevator into the rotary screener in order to be screened, and the finished products are put into the packing bins. The sieved out powder material back to granulation, sieved out large particle material back to crumbler.

Pelleting equipment(4sets) : SZLH420, 110KW, designed to produce 10-12t/h/set.

Cooling equipment(4sets) : SKLN6, designed to produce 10-15t/h/set.

Packing section:

There are 16 finished product bins in this section, 8 bins of them are specially used to store pellet feed; 4 bins of them are both for powder material and particle material. The powder material finished products bins are designed special anti - grading device. The pellet or powder is automatically weighed and packed by the packing scale. There is also bulk trucks for packing and transportation.

Packing equipment: Belt scale (it can be used as powder feed or granule feed), packing range: 20-50kg/ bag, 6-8 bags/minute.

Auxiliary section: Dust removal system to improve workers' working environment; Grease adding system, common mixer place added to improve feed palatability.

According to the needs of different customers, the scheme can be optimized:

1. The scheme adopts the single-point dust removal mode, that is, each rotary distributor (powder material) and pellet cleaner is equipped with a pulse dust filter, which has a good dust removal effect. Single point of dust removal is our company’s humanized design, which can provide a better working environment, but the cost increases. Customers can consider whether to use this configuration according to the actual needs;

2. The quantity of bins can also be adjusted according to the formula of customers, the characteristics of raw materials and other factors, so as to achieve the highest utilization rate and effectively control the production cost;

3. The number of crumblers can be selected according to the needs. If the crushing material is little, reserving part of the crumblers can be considered ;

4. Vibration sieve is configured before packaging, which can remove the fine powder in the particles. Customers can configure according to their needs;

5. The dusting design at packing site can improve the working environment of workers, and customers can configure according to their needs.



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We provide quotations, solutions and products based on the information you fill in, please fill in your needs and project description in detail
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