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6-7tph pig manure bio-organic pelleting line

Pig manure bio-organic fertilizer is a kind of biological organic manure that is mixed with pig manure.after fermentation, compost, pre-treatment, and finally make into biomass fertilizer. Pig manure is an excellent fertilizer for crops. Pig manure is fine in texture and contains more organic matter and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients.Through the scientific treatment of the granulation after the fermenting and tossing of fertilizer, the pig manure can be made into high quality organic fertilizer, which can achieve zero pollution, zero emission and no smell, and turn the dung into wealth.

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing complete equipment for granulation of bio-organic fertilizer, which can provide customers with complete production lines of bio-organic fertilizer granulation with animal manure (mainly chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, etc.) as raw materials. Complete production line for granulation of bio-organic fertilizer based on urban kitchen food; The complete production line of bio-organic fertilizer granulation based on urban household garbage; can customize the complete equipment solutions of bio-organic fertilizer to meet the different needs of customers.

Now take the 6-7 tph of pig manure organic fertilizer granulation production line as a case, according to the process and each section to do the following introduction and description.


6-7tph pig manure bio-organic pelleting line


Raw material: 

The main raw material is pig manure, mixing with some organic matters like straw,grass, sawdust, etc

Flow process brief introduction

Three Line FZLH420 pig biological organic fertilizer production line is by using of pig manure to mix with some halm, straw, sawdust, or kitchen waste and other organic compounds on composting, fermentation, drying after pre-treatment, again into the processing workshop, through crushing, mixing, granulation, cooling, packaging section after processing, biological organic fertilizer, when the whole line to produce 6-7tons of pig manure organic fertilizer granules, equipment total power is about 750 kw, the workshop covers an area of 4000 ㎡, contain raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse; The design of the whole line is compact, reasonable, meets the requirements of environmental protection, and can be directed according to customer requirements.

Flow process diagram

Fermentation and compost process→pre-treatment process→grinding process→mixing process→pelleting and bagging process



Craft features and sections introduction:

Fermentation and compost process:

Mix the ingredients in a pile 4 to 6 meters wide, 0.8 meters to 1.2 meters high, length not less than 3 meters. Pay attention to the appropriate fermentation process of oxygen and turns heaps.

Compost equipment: LYLP-6, power 35.5kw, output 600 m3/h.

Pre-treatment process: 

The raw materials after fermentation are crushed by the special chain grinder for organic fertilizer. Then use the roller cleaner to clean the impurities in the raw materials, including large pieces of wood, stones, agglomerated materials, etc.; Then use the roller dryer to dry the raw material, drying the raw material moisture to about 20%.

Drying equipment: LYHG2.0*20, roller diameter 2m, length 20m, power 22kw. Designed output:5-7tph

Grinding process: 

The materials are conveyed to the hammer mill through the conveying equipment, which is equipped with iron removing device before the hammer mill.

Grinding equipment: FFSP66*100, power 132kw, designed output 6-8tph.

Mixing process: 

Through the micro-element adding hopper, the fungus seeds and raw materials can be added to the mixing machine for mixing, after evenly mixed, enters the next section.

Mixing equipment: SDHJ2, power: 22kw, design output: 2m3/batch

Pelleting process: 

Fertilizer special used ring die granulator, suitable linear speed is more suitable for organic fertilizer granulator, and the adoption of high precision gear drive granulator, high transmission efficiency, ring die with quick unloading type of hoop.

Pelleting equipment: FZLH420, power: 110kw, Design output 2tph, quantity: 3 sets.

6-7tph pig manure bio-organic pelleting line

Cooling and packaging section:

the tilting type cooler is selected to effectively prevent particle breakage. The cooler is equipped with vibrating grading sieve to screen out some unformed powder. According to the local sales needs of the customer, the packaging scale can be selected to facilitate the customer to sell products. The packaging specification of the packaging scale is: 20-50kg/ package.

Cooling equipment: FKLB4, cooling chamber capacity 4m3, designed to produce 6-8tph.

Packing equipment: FDBLY-PD belt scale, packing range: 20-50kg/ bag, 6-8 bags/minute.


Pig manure contains 15% organic matter, 0.5% nitrogen, 0.5-0.6% phosphorus and 0.35-0.45% potassium. Because it contains more nitrogen, the proportion of carbon and nitrogen is relatively small, about 14:1, which is generally easy to be decomposed by microorganisms, releasing nutrients that can be absorbed and utilized by crops. Pig manure contains the highest humus, the largest amount of positive dissociation substitution, the strongest fertility, but more water content, less cellulose decomposing bacteria, mixed with a small amount of horse manure, to inoculate cellulose decomposing bacteria, can greatly increase the fertilizer effect.



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We provide quotations, solutions and products based on the information you fill in, please fill in your needs and project description in detail
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