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CE Certificated SHSJz series stainless steel double shaft high efficiency mixer

SHSJz series stainless steel double shaft high efficiency mixer is widely used for mixing powder, granular, flake, block, miscellaneous and viscous materials in feed, grain, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries. The machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance and less floor space than other mixing equipment; It is characterized by fast mixing, softness, stable performance, low noise, no dust and no environmental pollution.

Description features:

■ SHSJz series stainless steel double shaft high-efficiency mixer is made of stainless steel, which fully meets the food level standard, has the advantages of antibacterial and corrosion resistance, and greatly ensures the service life of the equipment and the quality of finished products;

■ Double shaft mounted gear reducer is adopted for transmission, with high transmission efficiency and load start-up;

■ Heavy duty bearing and bearing pedestal, safe and reliable, high stability;

■ Adopting the principle of weightless mixing , and the materials are efficiently mixed in the weightless area, with good mixing effect;

■ The door closing transmission mechanism is installed in the hidden box to reduce dust pollution and protect the transmission parts;

■ Fast mixing speed, high uniformity, no dead angle and short mixing cycle. Each batch of materials can be mixed evenly in 30 ~ 120 seconds, so that the materials are still not affected by purity, density and filling coefficient in the state of weight loss and homogeneity;

■ Uniquely designed return air system ensures stable air flow during all-round feeding;

■ Access door with safety lock for easy cleaning and maintenance;

■ Customers can choose compressed air cleaning system to minimize the residue;

■ High mixing uniformity, coefficient of variation CV ≤ 5%;

■ Materials with large differences in physical properties such as specific gravity, particle size and shape are not easy to produce segregation during mixing.



CE Certificated SHSJz Series Double Shaft High Efficiency Mixer



Model Parameter:

ItemEffective volumeMixing volume per batchMixing time per batchMixing UniformityPower
SHSJz2 2 1000 30~120 5 18.5
SHSJz4 4 2000 30~120 5 30


Material Thickness(mm):

Item Name Paddle Arch plate of machine shell Wallboard of machine shell
SHSJz2 10 6 12
SHSJz4 12 6 16

SHSJz Series Double Union Double Shaft High Efficiency Mixer Sample Drawing

SHSJz Series Double Shaft High Efficiency Mixer

Bearing: Wafangdian

Optional 3 channels of liquid adding pipeline

Open cylinder (with magnetic switch) : Delixi

Solenoid valve: Yadeke

Travel switch: CHNT

Gear motor: indepen or FDSP customize brand

Shaft-mounted reducer, reducer and spindle drive directly, transmission efficiency is higher

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