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Three problems to be paid attention to in the use of feed pellet granulator


The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and the operation is stable, which is deeply loved by the majority of users. Today, I remind everyone of the three issues that need to be paid attention to during the use of the feed pellet granulator.
1. Installation
Before installation, place the feed pellet granulator on a stable ground to eliminate vibration and reduce noise. In addition, we put this suspension lock on the four wheels of the machine, which is convenient for users to move and is more stable to use. 
2. Running-in of the new machine
The new one needs to be processed before use to run-in the ring die and pressure roller inside the equipment to achieve the best granulation effect.
The specific method is as follows: Take about 5 kg of mixed powdered raw materials, add a certain amount of edible oil and stir evenly, and rub the oil lumps, use these raw materials to granulate, use a wrench to adjust the pressure roller bolts after starting the machine, and wait until normal Until the material is discharged. After the oily feed is repeatedly squeezed in the machine four or five times, the dry feed is gradually added. After adding the dry material, if the machine becomes stuffy, loosen the pressure roller bolt slightly until the material is discharged normally. If the oily material is not pressed out, or the pellet machine does not discharge after the dry material is put on, the feed in the die plate should be re-run in with steel nails.
3. Adjustment of the length of pellet feed
The length of pellet feed is also an important factor of pelleting quality, which can be adjusted during test machine. To adjust the length of the pellets, you need to adjust the length of the pellets by adjusting the angle of the cutter on the edge of the discharge port.

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