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Development advantages of small feed pellet machinery


Development advantages of small feed pellet machinery
In China's current market, not only the ring die feed pellet machine with superior quality has great advantages, but also the small feed pellet machine has development advantages. Will explain it carefully for you.
The first thing to be sure is that the market for small feed pellet machinery is mainly in the vast rural areas, mainly for small farms and family farms in rural areas, and these farms have the following characteristics:
1. The raw materials for the production of pellets are relatively simple. And rough, mainly grain, straw, etc.
2. The economic strength is relatively weak, and the opportunity for ring die feed pellets with the best performance is beyond reach.
3. The equipment operation and maintenance knowledge is weak, and it is difficult to solve the failure.

Then, in view of these characteristics, the development advantages of small feed pellet machinery can be summarized as follows:
1. Stimulate appetite. Small feed pellet machinery can gelatinize starch, pellet feed will have a certain flavor, increase the palatability of pellet feed, and stimulate the appetite of poultry and livestock.
2. Save feed. Pellet feed enables various feed ingredients to be fully mixed and pressed into a shape. Poultry and livestock cannot be picky eaters and can achieve a balanced nutrition of poultry and livestock. At the same time, it also saves feed and reduces breeding costs.
3. Better digestion. In the process of pressing pellet feed, after a short period of high temperature and high pressure, it not only makes the starch gelatinization and protein organization in the feed, but also enhances the enzyme activity, so that the beans contained in the feed and some of the grains in the grain hinder nutrition. Material digestion and utilization of material passivation, these all improve the digestibility of feed.
4. Reduce illness. During the pressing process, pellet feed undergoes a short-term high temperature of up to 70℃-100℃, which can kill part of the parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms, and significantly reduce the disease incidence of poultry and livestock.
5. The small feed pellet machinery is affordable. For specific price information, please consult the sales staff of our company. It will definitely be more affordable than the general feed pellet machine.
6. Larger pressure can be generated during the pressing process, which is suitable for pressing raw materials with high fiber content such as grains and straws.
7. Simple structure and convenient maintenance.

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