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Design requirements and classification of complete feed equipment


When manufacturing a complete set of feed equipment, it is mainly composed of feeding, mixing, pelleting, transmission and smoothing systems. The operation process is to require cooperative powder with a moisture content of not more than 15%, enter the feed auger from the hopper, adjust the speed of the stepless speed regulation motor to obtain a suitable material flow, and then enter the mixer, stir and steam through the mixing rod Mixing for conditioning. If molasses or grease is required, it will be quenched and tempered with steam from the mixing drum. Generally, the increase in grease will not exceed 3%, otherwise it will be difficult to form. After conditioning, the temperature of the combined powder can reach 64~85℃. , Humidity reaches 14~16%.

The complete set of feed equipment removes the iron impurities mixed in the powder through the optional iron absorption equipment through the chute, and enters the restricted room for granulation. There are five classification methods that are more prevalent in the feed equipment industry, which are distinguished according to different functions.

According to the purpose, there are processing feed equipment: feed destruction equipment, mixers, pellet machines, and premixing units, mainly used for processing feed.

Feed equipment treated separately according to use: cooler, dryer, grading screen, hoist, sorting equipment, etc.

Feed equipment can be divided into: feed destruction equipment, mixer pellet machine, cooler, dryer, grading screen, hoist, feed unit, pellet unit, pre-mixing unit, etc.

Lightweight feed equipment can be divided into: feed equipment accessories feed destruction equipment, mixers, pellet machines, premixers, etc.

Heavy-duty feed equipment can be divided into: feed unit pellet unit, premix unit, cooler, dryer, grading screen, hoist, etc.

Some points to be paid attention to when designing the complete set of feed equipment

1. The working surface of the roller of the feed production line can be higher or lower than the surface of the machine frame, depending on the width of the article and the length of the roller.

2. When the width of the placed object is greater than the length of the roller, the roller surface is higher than the frame surface, otherwise, the roller surface is lower than the frame surface.

3. The selection of roller data for feed production line is related to the characteristics of the transported objects and the operating environment.

4. The selection of the roller standard and roller length of the feed production line is generally determined according to the load capacity and operation requirements.

5. The connection between the roller and the frame of the feed production line generally includes thread connection, split pin shaft, elastic lock and so on.

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