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Daily maintenance of pellet mill


Pellet mill is used in many industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, feed industry and fertilizer industry,etc.. As a key equipment in the production link, we must do a good job in daily maintenance, otherwise once there is a failure, it will affect the overall production.

Minor maintenance: once every six months, including the following:

1. Check and adjust the spindle bearing clearance, and the radial runout of the hollow shaft head part shall not exceed 0.05mm.

2. Remove and clean the bearing of the feeder and conditioner, and replace the lubricating oil.

3. Check the wear of the conditioner blade and replace the damaged part.

4. Check and replace the damaged cutter.

5. Repair and clean steam system pressure reducing valves, filters, traps, water separator, valves, etc.

6. Disassemble and clean pneumatic triplets and solenoid valves.

7. Check whether the bolts in the motor junction box are loose and replace the damaged sealing ring of the wire box.

8. Check whether the anchor bolts are loose.

9. Oil the pulleys of moving parts such as cutter moving device, door handle and hinge lifting device.

Medium maintenance: once a year, including the following:

1. All contents of minor maintenance.

2. Check the use of motor bearings and replace the grease.

3. Check the use of the dialing knife, and replace it in time if it is seriously worn.

4. Replace the severely worn triangle belt with reduced elasticity.

5. Check and clean the condensates on the oil path of the spindle and the roller shaft.

6. Adjust the clearance of the spindle bearing of the pellet mill.

7. Verify ammeter, voltmeter, temperature meter and tachometer.

8. Check the related wiring and electrical components and replace and repair them in time.

9. Replace the damaged seal ring of the roller spring washer box.

10. Check pulley wear and reliability of key connection.

11. Check whether the safety device is flexible and replace the failed parts.

Major maintenance: once every 2 years, including the following:

1. All contents of medium maintenance.

2. Check the operation of the spindle bearing and replace the seriously worn or damaged bearing.

3. Check the wear of the spindle, the conditioner and the spindle head, and repair or replace it in time if it is serious.

4. Check the wear condition of the wear ring and the keyway on the frisbee, and repair or replace it in time if it is serious.

5. Replace the seriously worn spindle copper sleeve.

6. Replace the deformed spindle oil seal.

7. Removing rust and painting for pellet mill body, pipeline and support.

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