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Causes and solutions of abnormal vibration of pulverizer in production process


Driven by the breeding industry and feed processing industry, the feed machinery industry has shown a vigorous development trend, and the feed mill equipment has also been continuously developed.

In order to improve the stability of the crusher's production process, help customers with continuous production. Based on many years of experience, we now introduce some common faults and troubleshooting methods to everyone. Today, let’s talk about the abnormal vibration of the machine.


 (1) The grinder and the motor are directly connected together. If the rotor of the motor and the rotor of the grinder are not concentric due to various reasons during the assembly process, abnormal vibrations will occur when the feed grinder is working. In this case, you can move the left and right positions of the motor, or add pads under the feet of the motor to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors.

(2) After long-term use of the pulverizer, the shaft and the bearing will wear out, so that the two bearing seats supporting the shaft are not concentric, and vibration will occur during operation. It is possible to pad a thin copper sheet on the bottom surface of the supporting bearing seat, or add an adjustable wedge iron at the bottom of the bearing seat to ensure that the two bearing seats are concentric.


(3) The part of the crushing chamber vibrates greatly. The main reason is improper selection of the coupling. Vibration will occur when the rotor is not concentric with the crusher, or the quality of the hammers inside the rotor is uneven, depending on the type of coupling Take corresponding measures to adjust the connection between the coupling and the motor; when replacing a new hammer, the mass difference of each group should not be greater than 5 g to maintain static balance and prevent the unit from vibration.

(4) The hammer is broken or there is hard debris in the crushing room. These will cause the unbalanced rotation of the pulverizer rotor, which will cause the machine to vibrate. Therefore, it must be checked regularly. The severely worn hammers must be replaced in time, and replaced symmetrically during replacement. If abnormal noise occurs during the operation of the crusher, it should be shut down immediately for inspection, and the cause should be found and dealt with in time.


(5) The pulverizer system is not connected with other facilities. For example, improper connection of the feed pipe and the discharge pipe will also cause vibration and noise. Therefore, hard connections should not be used for these connection parts, and soft connections are better.

(6) The ground bolts of the crusher are loose or the foundation is not strong. During adjustment and maintenance, the anchor bolts should be evenly tightened. A shock absorber can be installed between the foundation and the crusher to reduce vibration.

(7) The pulverizer is a high-speed rotating machine. After repairing, disassembling and replacing parts, it must be subjected to a dynamic balance test to ensure the overall balance performance of the machine.

      In addition, due to improper operation and maintenance of the shredder during the production process, common problems such as clogging, overheating of the bearing, and back spray at the feed port may occur, which we will discuss in the next tweet.


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