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Cause analysis and troubleshooting of common faults of granulator



Cause analysis and troubleshooting methods of common failures of granulators


Due to the long-term use of the granulator, if the daily maintenance is not paid attention to, it will inevitably cause the equipment to fail continuously during the production process, which will affect the granulation effect. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal production and the processing quality of pellets, the pelletizer needs to accumulate rich experience in dealing with common problems. The following is a brief description of the problems and common solutions that often occur in pellet mills during pellet feed processing.

Trouble phenomenon 1: No raw material enters the granulating room

Reasons for failure: 1) The modulator is blocked or the feed port is arched;

2) The feeder auger transmission device fails;

3) The feeder auger is blocked;

Remedy: 1) Clear the modulator or feed port;

2) Check the feeder auger drive device and troubleshoot;

3) Clean the materials on the feeder auger;

Fault phenomenon 2: There are raw materials entering the granulation chamber but no granules can be pressed

Reasons for failure: 1) The die hole is blocked;

2) Too much moisture in the raw material;

3) The die roll gap is too large;

4) The feeding scraper is severely worn;

5) The die roll is severely worn;

Elimination method: 1) Clear the feed in the die hole;

2) Control the moisture in raw materials and steam;

3) Readjust the gap between the mold rolls;

4) Replace the scraper and die roller;

Symptom 3: The motor of the granulator cannot be started

Failure reason: 1) There is accumulation of material in the granulating room;

2) There is a problem with the circuit;

3) The travel switch should not touch the control lever on the gate or the gate;

Elimination method: 1) Remove the accumulated material;

2) Check the circuit and troubleshoot;

3) Check the condition of the travel switch;

Symptom 4: Noise, severe vibration

Reasons for failure: 1) The bearing has been damaged;

2) The ring molding roller is severely worn;

3) There are foreign objects in the modulator or feeder;

4) The gap between ring die or press roll is too small;

5) The spindle bearing is too loose;

Remedy: 1) Replace the bearing;

2) Replace the mold roll;

3) Properly increase the gap between the mold rolls;

4) Clean up foreign objects;

5) Tighten the nut to reduce the clearance;

Fault phenomenon five: the temperature rise of the spindle head is too high

Reasons for failure: 1) The spindle bearing clearance is too small;

Remedy: 1) Properly loosen the compression nut;

Symptom 6: The safety pin is cut off

Reasons for failure: 1) Hard foreign matter enters the granulating chamber;

Remedy: 1) Remove foreign objects and replace safety pins;

Symptom 7: Every time the granulator rotates, a ticking sound is heard

Reasons for failure: 1) There are metal impurities in the ring die;

Remedy: 1) Check the inner surface of the ring mold and remove metal impurities;

Symptom 8: Smoke from the granulator

Reasons for failure: 1) The scraper is worn out, so that a hard material layer is formed between the pressure roller and the rotor support plate;

2) The V-belt tension is not enough;

3) Hard materials are piled up between the supporting plates behind the pressing roller to form a hard material layer;

Remedy: 1) Install a new scraper;

2) Tighten the V-belt;

3) Remove hard materials and lubricate the main bearing until the grease emerges from the back of the rear support plate;


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