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Feed Granulator SZLH250 Poultry Ring Die Pellet Mill

SZLH250 poultry ring die pellet mill is mainly suitable for small-scale breeding professional households to process and produce various pellet feeds, which can reduce the breeding cost. It is Suitable for raising chickens, ducks, geese, etc. This pellet mill meet the demand of the production of pellet feed in small farms and feed mills.

■ The machine is small in size, low in power consumption, low in noise, and adjustable in feeding. It has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance and stable performance.

■ The main transmission box is a casting, which has large bearing capacity, good stability and long service life.

■ The main drive system adopts gear transmission, which has high efficiency and its output is 15% higher than the belt type. It adopts high-precision aviation-grade grinding technology to ensure stable gear transmission and low noise.

■ The feeding system of the machine adopts stepless variable frequency motor control, which is convenient for speed regulation.

■ Equipped with safety pin, such as main motor overload, safety pin break, and overload protection.

■ With 2 cutters, it can effectively control the length of finished pellets.

■ Feeding auger, conditioner, and door cover are made of stainless steel to avoid contamination of raw materials due to equipment corrosion and longer service life.

■ It has the advantages of high output, low noise, low energy consumption, long working life and easy operation and maintenance.

■ Humanized design, focusing on operation and safety: The door cover is equipped with a travel switch. When it is opened, the main motor is automatically powered off to achieve active protection. In addition, the transmission components are closed.

■ The ring mold installation method is hoop type, and the transmission is reliable.




Feed Granulator SZLH250 Poultry Ring Die Pellet Mill




Output(T/H) 0.5-1.5(¢3.5 1:10 Ordinary chicken formula)
Power(KW) 15/22
Motor power of Screw feeder(KW) 0.55(frequency conversion)
Motor power of conditioner(KW) 1.5
Rotation speed of Screw feeder(rpm) 12-120
Rotation speed of conditioner Shaft(rpm) 275
Ring die inner diameter(mm) 250
Working surface width of ring die(mm) 70
linear velocity of ring die(m/s) 5.06

Ring die material: 4Cr13

Door cover of pelleting chamber: -3/SUS304

Feeding chute: -3/SUS304

Gearbox casing: HT250

Gear: 42CrMo

Pinion shaf: 20CrMnMo

Main shaft: 40Cr

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