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SZLH768b2+retentioner high grade ring die pellet mill

SZLH768b2+retentioner high grade ring die pellet mill is mainly used for large and medium sized feed mills producing kinds of granule feeds. This pellet mill equipped with double layer longer stainless steel jacket conditioner and longer stainless steel retentioner, conditioning time reach 3-5min which improves the curing degree greatly of feed raw material, it usually used for high grade pig feed and hard fish feed production.

■The feeding system of this machine is controlled by stepless variable frequency motor, easy to operate

■Full stainless steel feeder, conditioner, retentioner and door cover with long service life

■Two layer full opening stainless steel jacket conditioner has radial multi-point steam inlet, the raw material can have full contact with steam which make the conditioning more even.

■Driving system of conditioner has been upgraded: the original belt driving system has been updated to gear driving system which has higher transmission efficiency and compact speed ratio.

■Special Blade structure design, frequency control, material conditioning time can be as long as 2-4 minutes.

■The body of the conditioner and the retentioner is lengthened, the conditioning time is long, and the material maturity is high;

■User-friendly design, with Open Door Safety Protection Device: the Conditioner, retentioner big opening door and granulator door cover all with a trip switch, power off when maintenance  door opened, to achieve active protection;
■Main transmission box use HT250 military material, the thickened house and inner stiffener are customized, large bearing capacity, good stability, long service life;

■The main transmission system adopts aviation class gear and gear shaft transmission structure, high-precision CNC grinding technology to ensure stable transmission and low noise;
■Equipped with new safety protection system, such as the main motor overload, safety pin broken, start overload protection;

■The integrated design of the door cover, chute and outside discharging ensures the sealing and no steam and dust leakage

■Main transmission and press chamber upgrade optimization, custom-made with a slight taper of stainless steel die cover,  processing material with larger capacity and more even.

■Intelligent Control: equipped with electric ring die lifting device, automatic oil cooling circulation system, automatic grease lubrication system, optional automatic control of pellet mill.

SZLH768b2+retentioner high grade ring die pellet mill


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