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Good Quality SFSP998 Series Tear Circle Hammer Mill

It is used by large and medium livestock and poultry feed enterprises to grind raw materials; it is also suitable for crushing in the pharmaceutical industry. It can grind various granular feed ingredients such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans and other materials. This hammer mill is more suitable for coarse grinding of raw materials.


■ The base is welded with thick steel plate and reduces the center of gravity of the spindle to effectively improve the vibration phenomenon;

■ The rotor is dynamically balanced and can work in forward and reverse directions; it effectively improving the utilization rate of the hammer beater and the screen;

■ Increases the thickness of the wallboard and uses a more wear-resistant material in the wearable parts for the crushing chamber. Effectively extend the life of the equipment;

■ Replace the bearing with a larger load. Effectively improve the temperature rise of the bearing. Effectively extend bearing life;

■ Quick-open full-open mobile inspection door; (national patent)

■ Quick replace screen structure; (national patent)

■ Intelligent design to improve grinding efficiency and output

The optimum frequency and hammer arrangement ensure maximum contact with the material to achieve the most suitable and effective grinding effect;

■ Low vibration, low loss and low maintenance;

The low vibration design reduces friction and impact between components, reducing parts replacement and maintenance.



Good Quality SFSP998 Series Tear Circle Hammer Mill



SFSP998 Series Tear Circle Hammer Mill

Good Quality SFSP998 Series Tear Circle Hammer Mill




Tear circle type SFSP 998 X 400 Tear circle type SFSP 998 X 600 Tear circle type SFSP 998 X 800
Rotor diameter mm 1200 1200 1200
Rotating speed of mainshaft rpm 1480 1480 1480
Linear speed of hammer beater m/s 93 93 93
Crushing chamber width mm 400 600 800
Power kW 90 110 132 160 200 220 250

SFSP998 Series Hammer Mill  Sample Drawing

SFSP998 Series Tear Circle Hammer Mill


Shell: -6/Q235

Hammer frame plate: -10/Q235

Hammer beater: -6/Q235

Bearing: FAG or SKF

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