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Aqua Feed Extruder SPHS-S Series Double-Screw Wet Extruder

Suitable for high - grade floating or sinking aquatic feed, food, pet feed, especially for viscous formula.

Description features:

■ particle appearance neat, good water resistance, suitable for die diameter 0.6mm-20mm; Vertical gear reducer drives arch breaking device;

■ FAG or SKF bearings are used in the drive box to ensure long-term stable operation;

■ Feeding system: the unique design of the silo, no sediment, ensure the smooth feeding, prevent the bridge, to achieve automatic feeding;

■ Effectively distribute the reasonable shear force in different areas of the extrusion cavity, and effectively increase the output on the premise of ensuring high quality;

■ Make full use of steam heat energy instead of mechanical energy, reduce the ton of material power consumption, improve the output;

■ The turbulent discharge device makes the extruded material more beautiful;

■ Steady-state screw structure, fully improve the material aging uniformity in the screw;

■ Fully meshing, zero-gap twin-screw mechanism, effective control of shear force, ensure all materials in the swelling cavity curing time and particle expansion coefficient consistent;

■ The cutting part is made of movable cutter holder and the blade is processed with spring steel. It fits well with the template. The frequency conversion motor drives the cutter to control the length of the product.

■ The new all-wear-resistant alloy screw and bimetal expanded inner sleeve can effectively reduce wear and ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment under the condition of high output and high quality;

■ All accessories adopt international advanced standards, effectively improve the smooth operation of equipment, noise can be effectively controlled;

■ Full automatic control system, realize one person multiple machine control, improve labor productivity.






Model SPHS100x2 SPHS130x2 SPHS150x2
Main machine power(kw) 90 185 250/315
Screw diameter(mm) 100 130 150
Capacity(t/h) 1~2 4~6 8~10



 Equipment configuration:

Bearing: FAG or SKF

Screw and spiral inner sleeve material: wear-resistant alloy steel

Material of cutting blade: Spring steel

Main drive reducer: Guomao Guotai customized gear box

Motor: Wannan/Siemens (Beide) motor


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