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Feed Cleaning Process TCXT Series Tubular Magnet

The tubular magnet is mainly used for cleaning magnetic iron impurities such as screws, bolts, nuts, nails, washers and iron filings in the pellets and powders in various feed plants and grain plants.


■ Strong separation of magnetic metal inclusions from raw materials

■ The magnetic core is made of newly developed rare earth permanent magnet material, the magnetic field strength is more than 3000GS, and the iron removal efficiency is more than 99%

■ Without power, comprehensive performance can reach the international leading level


feed cleaning machine/equipment




Dia. of cylinder (mm) 150 200 250 300 400
Capacity (t/h) r=0.5 10 25 35 45 80
r=0.75 15 30 50 70 100
Magnetic induction intensity of cylinder surface (GS) ≥3000
Rate of magnet removal, % ≥99

Shell: -4/304

Magnetic intensity: ≥3000GS

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