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Tower dryer

The tower dryer is designed with industrial drying principles and many other features to provide commercial users with simple, reliable, and energy-saving grain drying equipment.


Efficient design
The grain enters from the top of the drying tower and falls to the grain storage tank with self-emptying function, reducing the loss of the top of the high-pressure chamber. The grain passes through the grain storage cabinet and is evenly distributed around the drying tower.
The grain storage cabinet at the top of the drying tower can store 40 inches of wet grain. The grain storage cabinet adopts a fully enclosed design to effectively prevent dust.
The grains flow down from the grain storage cabinet to the 12-inch diameter drying grain column in the drying area. The drying tower makes the grain drying time, drying air flow, and drying temperature reach the best balance. The larger the diameter of the beam, the longer the drying time. Longer drying time, combined with low-speed drying airflow and temperature, greatly improve the quality and efficiency of grain drying.
When the grain flows to the middle of the heating area, the feeder changes the grain from the inner side of the grain column to the outer side, so that the grain is dried more evenly.
The specially designed cone-shaped ventilated angular box keeps the cross-sectional wind speed of the dryer consistent, effectively reducing the unevenness of moisture in the dried grain and ensuring the quality of the grain.
The detachable discharge bottom plate is easy, convenient and reliable to clean. Reciprocating discharge mechanism, frequency conversion speed regulation, strong adaptability.


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