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LYHG Series Three Layers Drum Dryer

LYHG series three-layer drum dryer is mainly used for drying high moisture (30%-60%) raw materials such as wood chips and palm silk.


■ Adopt three-return form, long hot air and material mixing time , high drying efficiency , and high heat energy utilization rate ;

■ Roller and retaining wheel support adopts cast steel integral structure, high strength, stable operation, strong wear resistance and long service life;

■ The barrel and the inlet and outlet ends are sealed with elastic and wear-resistant steel sheets, which have long service life and are easy to install.

■ Reasonable layout and angle of the lifting plate and reliable performance. Therefore, it will lead to the high heat energy utilization rate , the uniform drying , and small number of cleaning materials;

■ Equipped with the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long life, uniform drying and convenient maintenance.

■ The outer layer of the tube is made of high temperature resistant cotton, which is insulated to reduce heat loss.

■ Optional Mars detection, fire extinguishing device to improve the safety of equipment use;


LYHG Series Three Layers Drum Dryer

LYHG Series Three Layers Drum Dryer


Model parameter LYHG10 LYHG15 LYHG20  LYHG30  LYHG40  LYHG50   LYHG60 
Outer tube diameter (mm) 2000 2000 2300 2300 2700 3000 3450
Tube   length (mm) 6300 7500 7000 9700 10500 11600 11600
Inlet air temperature(℃) <400
outlet air temperature(℃) <80
Rotating   speed(r/min) 7  (Adjustable according to the process)
Feed   moisture 30%~50%
Discharge moisture 13%~15%
Power(kw) 4*2 5.5*2 5.5*2 7.5*2 4*4 4*2+5.5*2 5.5*4



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