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MKLB Series Swing Cooler

MKLB series swing cooler is used for cooling the biomass particles, cooling and dehumidifying the particles, improving the hardness and quality of the particles, and convenient for post-packaging and transportation;


■ The swing flap discharge mechanism controlled by the cylinder drive or the flexible hydraulic transmission system has soft discharge, smooth discharge and reduce breakage; after cooling, the finished product temperature is not higher than room temperature + 3 ° C ~ 5 ° C;

■ Cooling by air cooling principle to reduce temperature, reduce moisture, improve particle hardness and maintain integrity;

■ Pneumatic or hydraulic push-type flap discharge mechanism for smoother operation;

■ The cooling box is octagonal and has a viewing window around it;

■ The arc angle is used around the discharging hopper to reduce the residual in the blind angle;

■ The height of the material layer is controllable and the degree of automation is high;

■ The top is equipped with a leveling mechanism to evenly distribute the materials in the box;

■ The top of the cooler and the air closed feeder are made of stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance and long service life;



ModelParameter Swing cooler         MKLB1.5 Swing cooler         MKLB2.5 Swing cooler         MKLB4 Swing cooler         MKLB6
Effective Volume(m³) 1.5 2.5 4 6
Output(t/h) 1~3 3~5 5~7 6~10
Cooling Time No less than 6-10min
Granular Temperature No higher than ambient temperature 3-5℃



Equipment configuration:

Air closed feeder: -3/SUS304

Top cover: -3/SUS304

Bin: -4/Q235(4mm stainless steel is optional)

Discharging way:the flap type

Level indicator:mechanical

Cylinder transmission(Hydraulic transmission is also available)

National patent four - way adjustable distributor ;

Bearing:  LK


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