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FKLB Series Swing Cooler

Fertilizer cooling system is suitable for biomass pellet and fertilizer biomass pellet cooling. Our company is a leader in the industry and we will not disappoint you.


■ Take advantage of counter flow cooling principle; cool the high temp and high moisture pellet, avoid the shock cooling

when the cold air directly contact with hot material, in this case, it prevent the pellet from cracking on surface.

■ Pneumatic or hydraulic pushing flap type discharging structure, more stable operation, less remain.

■ Cooling chamber adopts octangular type, with inspection window around.

■ Buffer bin around adopts arc angle, with less remains.

■ The cooler adopt advanced upper and below level indicator, high automation.

■ Suitable for biomass pellet and fertilizer biomass pellet cooling

FKLB Series Swing Cooler

FKLB Series Swing Cooler

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