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Show on screen! FDSP enterprise advertising once again in Liyang high-speed railway station!


On January 2021, with the new year ringing out, the Liyang High Speed railway station advertisement of FDSP was launched, opening the new year’s high speed development of the brand.

As an important traffic hub in Liyang City, Liyang high-speed railway station is the gateway to meet high-quality passengers from all over the country and even the world. The re-entry of FDSP will not only bring higher exposure to the brand, strengthen customers’ recognition of FDSP’s brand and strength, and promote the development and upgrading of the industry with the promotion of brand influence, it will also raise the profile of FDSP among Liyang citizens and try to make the brand a new city card.


The advertisement screen in the Hall of the high speed railway station is a conceptual design map covering the FDSP four industries. As the company color, blue reflects the growing vitality life of FDSP.

“The earth” symbolizes the whole world, FDSP equipment and engineering all over the world, always adhere to Jiangsu FDSP is global FDSP.

“The road” symbolizes the way forward, and we will be clear about our goals, Down to Earth, and continue to steadily advance the pace of internationalization.

"The light” symbolizes a bright future, God reward those who work hard, FDSP committed to becoming a global granulating system preferred integrated service provider. ”.

Each element contains FDSP's business philosophy “adhere to open development, the realization of win-win cooperation”.

In addition to the corporate culture display in the waiting hall, FDSP 's four major industries of “feed machinery and engineering” , “biomass machinery and engineering” , “fertilizer machinery and engineering” and “storage machinery and engineering” , sit on the elevator boxes on the platforms on both sides of the train tracks, realized the product and the platform union, all shows on the screen!


Feed machinery and engineering: pay attention to human health, advocate the perfect combination of “low energy consumption, low cost” and “automation, high efficiency” , provide customers with the overall solution of “producing clean and safe feed” , then for the community to provide a variety of farming, aquaculture and other safe food, to achieve “pastoral to the table” one-stop service.

Storage machinery and engineering: suitable for grain, feed, oil, flour, brewing, building materials, chemical industry, port environmental protection and other industrial fields, to solve the problems of high labor intensity, large land occupation, high cost, difficult storage and transportation, difficult temperature and humidity control, etc. , to achieve the storage and delivery  with "large capacity, automation, intelligence ”.

Fertilizer Machinery and engineering: using crop waste, manure and domestic waste to produce high-efficient “organic matter, pollution-free” bio-fertilizer, improve soil environment and promote the development of healthy organic agriculture.

Biomass machinery and engineering: utilizing forestry and agricultural raw materials such as trees, sawdust, bark, branches and crop straw, we have produced a new green energy —— biomass pellet fuel with high yield and low energy consumption, to raise the thermal efficiency of less than 40% of traditional fuels to more than 90% , to save energy and reduce emissions while promoting the construction of a sustainable ecological environment, and to provide the world with clean energy.


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