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Made by FDSP shares, Chongqing Changjiang Environment of 5tph wood pellet production line project successfully delivered & accepted


On November 6th, 2023, the production line of 5tph wood biomass pellet for Chongqing Changjiang River Molding Material Group Ecological Environment Technology Co., LTD which was built by Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., LTD was successfully delivered & accepted. It marks an important step for FDSP Shares helps Changjiang River Molding Materials Group to achieve green and sustainable development.


Chongqing Changjiang River Molding Materials Group Ecological Environment Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Changjiang River Environment), a holding subsidiary of listed company Chongqing Changjiang River Molding Materials (Group) Co., LTD., has been committed to the development of environmental protection since its establishment on August 30, 2022.

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After inspecting and comparing a number of domestic biomass fuel equipment suppliers, Changjiang River Environment finally selected FDSP Shares as a partner, aiming to jointly promote the construction of wood sawdust pelletizing project. With expertise and rich experience in biomass fuel molding, FDSP completed the construction task of the project to a high standard.

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The core of the project is a high standard, high quality wood pellet production line. The design capacity of the whole production line is 5 tons per hour, from the log barker, comprehensive crusher, crusher, hot blast stove, dryer, vertical granulator, impeller type cooler, ton bag scale, small package scale and automatic palletizer and other host equipment, so that each section gives full play to its efficiency, to achieve efficient production, to ensure product quality and stability. The whole process of the production line system is controlled by computer full screen, and the drying system is configured with on-site touch screen control. Each process is carefully designed to ensure continuity and efficiency in the production process.

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The design goal of the wood pellet production line project is clear, aiming at improving production efficiency, reducing energy consumption and reducing environmental pollution. In the process of project implementation, FDSP Shares gave full play to its own technical advantages and project management capabilities to ensure the quality and schedule of project delivery.

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As a world-renowned biomass engineering project construction company, FDSP has long been committed to providing quality services for all kinds of biomass customers, including "research and design, production and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, operation and management". The company has a professional technical team, with strong R & D and innovation capabilities, professional installation and commissioning team to effectively ensure the perfect delivery of each customer's project.

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The person in charge of Chongqing Changjiang River Molding Material Group Ecological Environment Technology Co., Ltd. said: "We are very grateful to FDSP for their support and help, it is with their professional technology and quality service, so that we can successfully complete this project." In the future, we look forward to continuing our cooperation with FDSP to jointly promote the sustainable development of the biomass business."

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The project team of FDSP shares also said: "It is our honor to serve such an excellent enterprise as Chongqing Changjiang River Molding Materials Group Ecological Environment Technology Co., LTD. The successful delivery of this project is the result of the joint efforts of our two teams, and it is also a due contribution to our joint efforts to achieve the national carbon neutrality goal and promote the sustainable development of society."

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The successful acceptance of this project marks an important achievement in the cooperation between FDSP Shares and Chongqing Changjiang Environment Co., LTD. In the future, the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation and jointly promote the development of biomass environmental protection. FDSP Shares will continue to uphold the "customer first" service concept, and constantly improve their own technical level and service quality, to provide customers with better service.

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