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1.5-2.5t/h sheep manure organic fertilizer pellet production line

Sheep manure bio-organic fertilizer refers to the bio-organic fertilizer which is mixed with sheep manure and some other organics, then processed by fermentation, compost, pre-treatment and finally pelletized. Sheep manure contains organic which is more than other kind of manure, the manure is more fineness and fertilizer is with better quality. The calorie value of sheep manure is between horse manure and cattle manure's , so sheep manure is kind of warm fertilizer which is suitable used for sandy soil and clay soil. ​

Jiangsu Liangyou Zhengda Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing organic fertilizer pellet production machinery, we can supply customer: bio-organic fertilizer pellet production line which take animal manure (mainly chicken manure, pig manure, cattle manure, sheep manure and etc.,) as raw material, bio-organic fertilizer pellet production line which take urban kitchen waste as raw material, bio-organic fertilizer pellet production line which take urban living waste as raw material. FDSP will customize kinds of complete project solutions to meet customers' different needs.

Now we take the case of sheep manure bio-organic fertilizer pellet production line, make introduction based on process diagram and each process as follows:


1.5-2.5t/h sheep manure organic fertilizer pellet production line


Raw material:

mainly raw material comes from sheep manure, other auxiliarymaterials can be organics such as straw, sawdust.

Flow process introduction

single FZLH420 sheep manure bio-organic fertilizer production line is to ferment the mixture of sheep manure and organics like straw, sawdust or living and kitchen waste, after drying process, the material will go into the workshop for grinding , mixing, pelleting, cooling and bagging process, finally into bio-organic fertilizer, the whole line could produce 1.5-2.5tons sheep manure fertilizer pellet per hour, the total power of machine is about 280kw, the occupy of main work is 2400m2 including raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse, the whole line is characterized by compact design and reasonable structure, and satisfied by environment protection requirements, meanwhile it can be directed to customers design.

Technological process chart:

Fermentation and compost process ---pre-treatment process---grinding process--- mixing process--pelleting and bagging process



Technological characteristics and introductions:

Fermentation and compost process : 

pile the blended ingredient up to strip which is 1.5-2meters wide, 0.8-1.2meters high and length is no less than 3meters, during the fermentation, be careful with suitable oxygen supply and turning.

Compost equipment: LYFP-3, power: 19.5kw, output 300 m3/h.

1.5-2.5t/h sheep manure organic fertilizer pellet production line

Pre-treatment process: 

Use the dedicated organic fertilizer chain grinder break up the fermented raw material,  then remove the impurities from the raw materials, including big wood blocks, stones, blocked materials by drum precleaner, after that use the drum dryer drying raw materials to approx. 20%.

Drying equipment: LYHG1.2*12,drum diameter 1.2m, length 12m, power 6kw, output 2-2.5t/h

1.5-2.5t/h sheep manure organic fertilizer pellet production line

Grinding process:

the material will be transported to grinder for grinding, iron-remover will be equipped before grinder.

grinding equipment: FFSP56×40,37kw, designed output 2-3T/H.]

1.5-2.5t/h sheep manure organic fertilizer pellet production line

Mixing process: 

The bacteria which added through micro elements adding hopper can be mixed with raw material in mixer, after evenly mixed, the mixture will enter into next process.

Mixer: SDHJ1, power 15kw, output: 1m3/batch

Pelleting process: 

adopt dedicated organic fertilizer ring die pellet mill with the suitable linear velocity, high accuracy gear driven pellet mill has higher driving efficiency, ring die is quick-loaded clamp type.

pellet mill: FZLH420 with 110kw, output 2-3t/h

1.5-2.5t/h sheep manure organic fertilizer pellet production line

Cooling and packing process:

choose flip type cooler which can prevent the broken of pellets. vibration screener under the cooler could sifting the un-shaped powder. According to the customer's local sales needs, the appropriate packing scale is selected for customer to sell products more easily. Packing specification: 20-50kg/bag.

cooler: FKLB2.5, cooling chamber volume 2.5m3, output 3-4t/h

Packing equipment: SDBLY-PD belt packing scale, packing range: 20-50kg/ bag, 6-8 bag/min.


The sheep manure contains 24~27% organics,0.7~0.8% nitrogen,0.45~0.6% phosphorus,0.4~0.5% potassium.

Sheep belongs to ruminant animal, it drinks less water so its manure is dry and fine, feces output is also very little. The nutrient content of sheep manure is very rich.  There is both available nutrient which is easy to break down and absorbed by crops and delayed action nutrient which is not easy to break down. So it is a kind of good fertilizer combined quick action and delayed action.


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